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Sunday, August 3, 2014

LOVE Wallpaper

From LOVE Concert Booklet.

Exclusive for my laptop (1366x768) use but feel free to grab if you want it!

Credit: Various uploader on the internet

Monday, August 26, 2013


D***it. The Brat tight pants is the 1st thing I pay attention to.

See? From closer angle.

The sexy glimpse of his collarbone come to view after good 30 seconds of observing the Brat's *ahem*, giving me enough reason why I fell in LOVE with this Mr. Dorkalicious.

Ahh..basically these two both are wearing tight pants. D**n.

I believe the cameraman is the Brat's secret lover.

Another glimpse. Yes. My weakness is a glimpse of mans collarbone.

*Dies. XD

Haven't been fangirling for ages. I think this will be the last fangirling post for the year before I crawl back under my rock and miserably try to survive another five months of postgraduate-ing.

Credit: Raw taken from ars_files.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's not amazing, but it's awesome!! (and I want to share it..ahaha)

It was my birthday last Friday. Yatta~
Yes, birthdays means we are one year older (please don't deny the fact that we are getting OLDER every seconds people!) and most people said age is just a number. 

For me, Alhamdulillah.

OK, let's just say that this year is awesome.

Received this yellow fellow on Thursday evening around 5.15 from my 2 fellow students. Even though I must say that I'm not into stuffed plushies anymore, but.. a gift is a gift and I'm thankful to both of you.

My friend ask me to take this cupcakes from her house around 5.30 on the same day. She said the cake was from 'somebody or twobody' who do not want me to know who they were. But, also from my fellow students, I believe.

Friday, my birthday. So, I brought some breakfast to my office roommate. (No pictures available).
Received a coin bank, which was really awesome because it was a three part coin bank that must be attach together and looks like a teddy. (Darn, also forgot to take picture. Tsk tsk)

By Saturday night, board the plane and went to KK and spends my weekend with my brother who was staying there.

This is KK from the highest point in the town. Btw, KK is known as Jeselton back then. Such a nice view of the city and the sea. Yup, KK is a seaside town. Miss this place, it's been two years since I last went here.

Ate lots of seafood at KK. Of course-lah, Sabah is a seafood-rich state. It was such a waste if you go there and not eating seafood.

I didn't go anywhere in particular. Simply because I did not plan too, mainly because I'd been to Mount Kinabalu and also to the Islands in KK. Plus, I was travelling alone, so it feels like if I want to go on a holiday, I'll bring my mum together. Well, maybe sometimes later. Originally, I just want to go to KK to spend my weekend and see my brother and to take a break.

Board the plane on Monday and return home safely.

Some 'gifts' that I received. 
A necklace from my brother. 
3 AidiJuma scarfs. (41.67% was sponsored by my awesome brother and the balance was paid by me). 
A cute turtle design t-shirt. Actually, there is an island that called 'Turtle Island' in Sabah, but it is far (around 8 hours of driving just to get to the jetty) from KK.

It was such an awesome weekend for me. Thanks to everyone.

Ahhh.. yes,


You're 30. Same as me.. Yupp, I'm turning 3-0. Born the same month and year with Kazu, only three days earlier.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kisah Anak Derhaka (tak derhaka pun bagi aku..)

Budak Hingusan
Anak Derhaka


Lebih kurang seminggu lepas

Sekitar Maghrib

Anak Derhaka sedang menikmati aiskrim, Umi sedang makan roti, Budak Hingusan sedang makan cupcake dan Mak sedang makan bubur jagung. Sekeluarga sedang berbual-bual ketika Abah masuk ke dalam dapur dan menuang segelas teh tarik lalu menghirupnya.

Mak: Abah nak? *bertanya ramah*
Abah: Mende?
Mak: Bubur jagung. Nak ke? *sambil menghulur bekas bubur kepada Abah*
Abah: Boleh juga.. *mengambil bekas*

#Anak Derhaka memerhatikan perbuatan Mak dan Abah sambil menikmati aiskrim dan tidak berkata apa2. Anak derhaka berterusan memandang Abah#

*Abah mencedok sesudu dan menyuap sambil berkata*
Abah: Sape buat?

#Di kala ini telah berlaku sesuatu yang menangkap pandangan si Anak Derhaka#

*Mak tak sempat menjawab sebab Anak Derhaka dah gelak kuat2 dulu*

Anak Derhaka: Aiiii... makan sampai terkeluar jagung dari mulut Abah yek
*Cakap sambil gelak2*
*Mak dah senyum2 tahan ketawa*

#Anak Derhaka berterusan berkata#
Anak Derhaka: Taulah dah xde gigi Abah..sampai terkeluar jagung yek
*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... time ni Anak Derhaka dah gelak melampau2 xleh control.. Mak dan Umi pun akhirnya ikut ketawa*

Abah: Iyela.. awak je la yang cantiknya. *sambil keluar dari dapur*

#Anak Derhaka berterusan gelak melampau2#

Abah telah kehilangan keseluruhan gigi di bahagian hadapan. Jadi ketika Abah ingin mengunyah bubur jagung itu, jagungnya telah terkeluar dari mulut Abah melalui gigi hadapan yang rompong.

Si Anak Derhaka pulak menggelakkan Abah tanpa perasaan bersalah.

Nota kaki:
Anak Derhaka itu adalah aku. Tapi seriously, derhakahkah aku apabila aku menggelakkan Abah? Insiden ini memang kelakar habis kot...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gooooodies: Various

Yes, I'm such a lazy sloth, so I compressed everything in a single post.^^

01. Arashi Waku Waku Gakkou 2012

...of five (5), five clearfiles (because the seller gives high discounts if I take a set), a tote bag (which I'm planning to use it as my school bag when I continues schooling sometimes again in the future), a note book and a Wild at Heart photoshop (free gift from seller)

02. AraFes

... of shopping bag, 2 different types of can badges (which was pretty cool), a clearfile and a SakuMiya Hitachi flyer (free gift by seller - not in picture)

03. Clippings

...OMG, these clippings are my lucky deals of all time (for now) because the seller sells it for such an OMG (cheap) price.

04. Old Mags

...of three (3) old OriSta, which two (2) are my favourite - Arashi in Suits

05. BW Photoset

...ShoNeen photosets. I ship Yama but Neener photos are hard to resist.

06. Sho's gf With CoverGirl

...Maki was damn gorgeous in this spread. And yes, I'm still delusional of these two.

07. Ouran

...I really want this manga as my collection. So I started with volume 3, which will be my motivation to buy all the volumes. I hope.